Solar Energy for Utilities

Utility-Scale Solar Projects

Geronimo supports large solar projects and offers both on-site/ near-site installations, as well as larger scale solar facilities located in more efficient, lower cost geographical locations. Our ability to deliver solar energy with market-leading cost, creative solutions, and efficiency is due to our fully-staffed team of renewable energy development professionals.

Distribution-Connected Solar Projects

Geronimo has created a unique way to deliver utility-scale, clean, renewable generation resource that is cost-competitive with natural gas alternatives: Utility-Scale Distributed Solar Generation is the installation of multiple solar sites throughout a utility’s service territory. These sites are strategically selected based on proximity to substations, substation load and permitting/ land use constraints. Geronimo’s Utility-Scale Distributed Solar Generation model offers the best of both worlds: a series of small-scale installations means transmission cost and availability are never a concern – and with its overall large size, the Geronimo Utility-Scale Distributed Solar Generation model offers proven cost savings, as well as an economic opportunity for utilities.

Community Solar Gardens

Geronimo also develops Community Solar Gardens (CSG) through a variety of utility and cooperative programs. A community solar garden is a centralized, shared solar project connected to the energy grid that has multiple subscribers. Although the rules for CSG programs vary by region, Geronimo prides itself on developing only high-quality, low cost CSG sites.