Diversify your portfolio with a partner who understands the value of true partnership.

Geronimo works with regulated investor-owned utilities, member-owned rural electric cooperatives and municipalities and public power entities. The key ingredient in Geronimo’s formula for utility-scale solar and wind project success is finding areas of the country that combine superior resources with strong transmission attributes. With the backing of National Grid and some of the country’s top finance partners, Geronimo has attractively-priced capital and other project inputs that allow us to price projects very competitively.

Why Work With Us

Geronimo is a stand-out developer because we believe in the value of our relationships with everyone in the chain of development. We are proud of the strong partnerships we’ve built with our landowners, corporate customers, utilities, local governments and communities. The mutual respect derived from these relationships affords us the ability to work with customers of all sizes to develop environmentally-friendly projects and to bring the benefits of renewable energy to rural communities across the United States.

Geronimo offers a wide range of finance and ownership structures, including the option of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). For utilities, PPA’s translate to no capital investment, no changes to current energy management practices or delivery and no requirement for any additional overhead or staff.

Experience working with regulated utility operations has taught us that utilities need to hedge against volatile fuel prices while simultaneously accommodating for the needs of customers. There’s no better way to achieve both than to diversify your portfolio, offer multiple types of energy to your customers and protect your bottom line.

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