Economic impacts

Geronimo’s Impact on the Local Community

Geronimo projects contribute significantly to the local communities they serve via funding for tax revenue, landowner payments, local spending, charitable donations and job creation. This economic impact represents real money that is being pumped directly back into the communities we serve and can be absolutely life-changing for our host communities. In many ways, our renewable energy projects can be classified as an extraordinary seed crop for our landowners and farmers.


Geronimo’s Current Commitments

For Geronimo’s multi-gigawatt portfolio of wind and solar projects that are currently operational or under construction, we are committed to:

  • ~$322 million in landowner payments over 20 years during operation
  • ~$253 million in tax revenue over 20 years during operation
  • ~$8 million in charitable donations through our education and community funds over 20 years during operation
  • ~4,000 newly created temporary construction jobs
  • ~190 newly created full-time, permanent jobs