We pride ourselves on being landowner and farmer-friendly – and whenever we hear from our landowners about the good work that’s being done in their communities, we can’t help but beam. Here are just a few samples from the testimonials we’ve received from our landowners and host community members.

Learn About Geronimo Energy From Our Landowners

“My experience with the staff has been that they are very professional. Everything that we have dealt with Geronimo and their predecessor [Mainstream Renewable Power] has been very professional, very enlightening, very helpful. We are working with them to benefit the school.” Rita Hanna, Walnut resident and Bureau Valley Schools Book Keeper

“My overall experience with Geronimo Energy from start to finish has been nothing but positive. I dealt with many different employees of Geronimo Energy throughout the process, and I have to say I was impressed with each and every one of them. My questions and concerns were answered in a timely fashion, and I was kept up to date with all things going on with the project. The thing I was most impressed with was the concern they had for the impact to the community and neighbors… Geronimo Energy seemed to strive to create a project that everyone walked away saying ‘this is going to be a good thing.’” Mike Anderson, Aurora Solar Project Landowner

“Geronimo Energy seems to me… to be a very good representative of the people they’re serving.” Grant Andresen, Illinois resident and retired school teacher

“… as we looked towards our energy future, I hoped to find partners that were well funded, entrepreneurial, with solid and experienced professionals in place, who knew and worked well with the regional utility partners, and had strong leadership. Today, Geronimo and St. Olaf are partnering on a 5 MW Community Solar Garden…St. Olaf Facilities focuses on value, defined as getting exactly what is needed at a fair cost, and we believe we have found a partner who focuses on delivering the value we need in Geronimo.” Pete Sandberg, Assistant Vice President for Facilities, St. Olaf College, Community Solar Garden Subscriber and Landowner

“The staff at Geronimo Energy… I’ve known them from many years of working together in farming related areas, and it’s a good work relationship. Good back and forth conversation: will this work, will that not work? Like I said, a good working relationship.” Ron Bohm, Walnut Ridge Wind Farm Landowner, Walnut Business Owner and Farmer

“Geronimo was enjoyable to work with. They brought a very personal feel to the project and kept in close contact with all of the landowners. Geronimo worked hard to match our needs with those of the project.” Anonymous Wind Farm Landowner

“[Grande Prairie] will bring in nearly 400 workers during the multiple years of the construction phase. Once it’s built, it will create about 30 good-paying, permanent jobs, many of them right in our local community. Lease payments to local landowners will be about $2.5 million per year. Overall, it will be about a $700 million capital outlay for the project. These numbers would be impressive anywhere — they’re absolutely life-changing in a rural area such as ours.” Mike Zakrzewski, Grande Prairie Wind Farm Landowner

“Geronimo’s promise of helping our community has much exceeded what we could have ever expected … I want you to know what a boost to our economy and a blessing Geronimo has  been. You can’t measure what we have experienced in Hardwick, Minnesota.” Tammy Johnson, Hardwick City Clerk, Prairie Rose Wind Farm

“I have had a very positive impression with Geronimo Energy as a company. I found them to be very open. They are thorough. They have a democratic approach, and the process has been very fair and open, I believe. They are excellent at communicating, all the way from holding meetings locally to communicating by snail mail… also by phone and by email. So, I’m very impressed by their availability and communication. I have had a very positive reaction with Geronimo Energy.” Marshall Cusic, Walnut Ridge Wind Farm Landowner and Physician

“I believe Geronimo Energy to be a highly professional company with whom we have a good working relationship. Their integrity is to be admired, as is their commitment to us as landowners and our community, as well.”  Wendy Christman, Crocker Wind Farm Landowner

“Everyone that I’ve met from Geronimo Energy has been extremely nice, very accommodating, very easy to work with. I think Geronimo Energy is a great company to work with… I think Geronimo Energy is very supportive of the school community… The people that I have worked with throughout the company at all levels – corporate, as well as the local people -have all been very friendly, very helpful to work with. Any questions I have, I have a person I can call and get answers.” Sharon Sweger, Illinois resident and Ohio School District Superintendent

“I was really impressed that my kids, they would bring home a little flyer from Geronimo Energy… just something they’re involved with in a public atmosphere. Putting an office up in Walnut here, showing they want to be part of the community… I know it’s a large company, but it seems like it’s more down home. We understand the owners are actually farmers, so they understand the ins and outs of farming and not just business men. They have caring in their hearts.” Ron Bohm, Walnut Ridge Wind Farm Landowner, Walnut Business Owner and Farmer

“I think [the Odell Wind Farm] is good for the community: the tax revenue that the counties and townships will be receiving. And as a landowner, it’s a way to diversify income. We’re very agricultural dependent, and [it’s a way] to have an energy project just to diversify some of our income. And for us, what we really like about it is as landowners, we’re not putting any of our own money in. We don’t have to invest any of our own money in this, but we will be collecting revenue off of the project… The construction workers?  Very courteous. They notify us when there’s going to be activity on our land… When they say they’re going to do something and how they do it, they follow through. ..their word has been very good.” Bill Janzen, Odell Wind Farm Landowner

“We wanted to do what was best for our land, our family, and our community. Geronimo Energy considered our thoughts and requests before any contracts were agreed upon. Geronimo Energy is a very reputable and respectful company, in my opinion.” Jody Obermeier, Crocker Wind Farm Landowner

“If I were another community, I would have no hesitation on building a wind farm, I think they’re great. They provide more jobs, more people to come in, more families to help out, keeps your school systems going, keeps your communities stronger, helps with everything, from the groceries right down to the new housing.” Kyle Beech, Courtenay Wind Farms

“I’ve noticed [Geronimo] is very concerned about safety… They seem to be concerned about doing the road maintenance and repairing the road after they’ve traveled on it. Geronimo seems to be proactive and want to fix things and work with people. I’ve always liked the fact that they are farmer friendly and understand the value of the farmland. You know, it’s what we make our living from and [it’s] the land stewardship we want to pass on.” John Adrian, Odell Wind Farm Landowner

“Geronimo, when they said they would redo roads, they redid roads. When Geronimo said they would do tile line repairs afterwards, they did the tile line repairs. Every step through the process, they communicated with the county board, with our staff, to let us know where they would be, when they would be there. So the relationship was solid throughout the entire process.” Kyle Oldre, Prairie Rose Wind Farm

“Impact, you know, with a wind farm and the revenue from that helps offset the property taxes, for everyone in the county, everyone in the township, I mean it’s just a big plus. And it’s that way for years to come now.” David Schwartz, Courtenay Wind Farm

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