adj: exhibiting a respect and appreciation for hardworking farmers, their communities, and the rural American way of life.

Geronimo was founded with deep roots in agriculture and an understanding and respect for farming practices. As landowner advocates, the Geronimo development team is dedicated to improving the productivity of your land by introducing your community to the benefits of renewable energy.

Fair. Honest. Open.

Geronimo is committed to providing each of its landowners with the best information possible, prompt responsiveness, and expert advice. Geronimo’s farmer-friendly development approach ensures that each of our projects will benefit the local area for generations to come.

Our landowner partners are compensated fairly and equally. We work closely with our landowners and their neighbors during the siting process to ensure that our projects are well received by the community and yield sustaining support for the long term operation of the project.

Committed to the Community

While rural areas of our country are battling urban sprawl and economic pressures, Geronimo is committed to building projects that can provide the opportunities needed to repower rural American communities throughout the life of the project. We establish local offices and maintain communication with key stakeholders, local governments, and landowners through regular meetings, update letters, and siting workshops. Geronimo’s community-driven approach ensures that each of our projects is developed successfully and will invigorate the local economy for the life of the project.

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