Green Energy VPPA Planning Checklist

A Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA) may be one option your corporate energy team is considering to help your organization reach its ambitious sustainability goals. A VPPA has a lower cost barrier for entry, can act as a hedge to protect your organization against rising electricity costs, provides your company with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), to meet sustainability goals, and can even become a source of revenue. But is a VPPA the right option for your company?

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Geronimo Energy’s VPPA Planning Checklist will help guide you through the VPPA evaluation process and ensure that you ask yourself the right questions.

  • Does your company lack the space or land needed to build your own renewable energy resources on site?
  • Does a renewable energy project align with your corporation’s short-term or long-term business and/or sustainability goals?
  • Does your company want to avoid high upfront costs needed to own and operate a renewable energy facility?
  • Do you prefer that a renewable energy project not interrupt your current day-to-day operations and/or add cost to your operations budget?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above – you’re a great candidate for a VPPA and are ready to move into further evaluation and planning. Reach out to us to talk, and we’ll be able to help guide you from concept to creation.


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We believe that renewable energy is an important part of a holistic business model, and we know that every company arrives at the decision to invest sustainably differently. Together, let’s create an actionable plan to maintain, uphold and defend that decision.

With projects located in 20 states throughout the country, Geronimo has the right project, in the right location for your needs.