Community Solar Gardens

What Are Community Solar Gardens?

Community Solar Gardens (CSG) are small-scale solar energy projects located on land that isn’t specific to a customer or subscriber. Much like traditional large-scale solar energy projects, these smaller offsite projects provide energy directly into the local electric grid. However, unlike large-scale solar projects, CSGs offer electric customers virtual subscriptions for the energy and/or the environmental attributes produced by the project. Customers may be residential or commercial electric customers. These state-run programs vary depending upon where you consume power, what the current rate structure is, how the program has been implemented and what local or state policies are in place.


How Do Community Solar Gardens Typically Work?

Geronimo Energy’s Community Solar Gardens

Geronimo is the nation’s top community solar garden developer and has developed over 150 MW of community solar gardens that are either under construction or in operation.

As more CSG programs are implemented throughout the United States, Geronimo is securing additional project sites. Geronimo currently has small-scale solar project developments in 10 states across the country and is poised to begin the process of obtaining subscribers for these projects once CSG programs are finalized in each state.

Contact us today to learn more about our available subscriptions or to inquire about using your land for a community solar garden facility.

Geronimo’s Subscription Services

Geronimo Energy provides a complete set of services to guarantee a superior level of service and reliability for CSG subscribers. Subscribers in our community solar garden project portfolios are ensured smooth implementation and operation of community solar garden projects, including subscription management, real-time solar production monitoring, and lifetime maintenance and facility upkeep.

Our current CSG subscribers span a variety of industries and geographic locations and include nonprofits, colleges and universities, corporations and government agencies. Presently, Geronimo Energy serves residential customers through our executed subscriptions with our non-profit, education and government organizations, which together make up nearly half of our community solar garden subscription base.