Geronimo  Energy, a National Grid company, stands out because we believe in the value of our relationships with everyone in the chain of development. We are proud of the strong partnerships we’ve built with our landowners, utilities, corporations, local governments, communities, and construction and manufacturing partners. The mutual respect derived from these relationships affords us the ability to work with customers of all sizes to develop environmentally-friendly projects and to bring the benefits of renewable energy to rural communities across the United States.

Construction and manufacturing partners

Geronimo works with the most recognized and renowned construction and manufacturing companies in the renewable energy industry. We only work with the best: technologically advanced, hardworking, and committed to excellence.

Finance partners

Geronimo has strong relationships with major capital providers across the industry, including leading tax equity investors, commercial banks, life insurance companies and other financial investors. Our relationships with these providers, as well as our own honed market knowledge, allow Geronimo to access the correct and lowest cost capital for each project, which in turn drives down the cost of our energy and increases project viability.

Power purchase partners

Our power purchasers range in size, scale and location. Geronimo works with leading utilities, corporations, electric cooperatives and municipalities, Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and government agencies on a variety of renewable energy projects. As a premier solar and wind company, our portfolio includes small to large projects in a multitude of geographies and offers power purchasers flexibility in achieving their renewable energy needs and goals.

Project ownership partners

The project owners Geronimo has worked with are some of the most renowned and respected in the industry. Nationally and globally recognized for their success in owning and operating renewable energy projects, these project owners not only run efficient and top-performing facilities, but they also keep the welfare of our projects’ host communities top of mind.

Other partners

Geronimo works with the industry’s top consultants and advisers in fields such as legal, engineering, permitting and environmental work.